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Once your items have sold, and you want to remove them from the Marketplace, here's how to do so.

  1. Navigate to the Deviation itself
  2. Scroll down to the "Featured In Groups" section
  3. Click the small icon to the right of the group name
  4. Select "Remove Deviation from this group from the flyout menu
  5. Profit!

While we do not have any requirements regarding skill level, and encourage everyone to join and share their work, we do only allow one image per final sculpture.  Works in progress are exempt from this, so long as they're uploaded to the Works In Progress folder.

If you have multiple views that you'd like to share, please combine them into one final image.

If you don't have Photoshop, you can use GIMP, which is free, and available for all major OS's. If you'd prefer not to download or install software, you can use free online tools like Fotor's Photo Stitcher or There are even free iPhone and Android apps available if you'd prefer to do everything from your phone.

emilySculpts and I regularly go through the galleries to re-organize images which have been added to the wrong galleries, or to remove extra photos, but we don't do any clean up in the Marketplace section. We don't know for sure what is or isn't still available, so we have to leave that to you guys.

I just did a quick check of some of the items listed in there, and at least two of the items for sale go to shops which say that the items are no longer available.

We won't delete these items, but we ask that you try to either make sure that the links go to working shops, or clean out items which have already been sold.

Thanks for your help, and happy sculpting!

Hi All,

I just created a new Marketplace folder here on the group.  Please feel free to upload images of works that you currently have for sale, as well as images detailing your commissions information.  PLEASE limit yourself to 5 image uploads to this folder so that everyone has a fair chance of being seen.  Anything above the 5 image limit will be deleted.

I plan on referring people to this folder, especially when I get commission requests that I don't have time for or requests for things that I don't sculpt.  So get to uploading, everyone!

~ Emily
You guys have been uploading some really awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Emily and I noticed that we've been getting a lot more art dolls than we had expected, so we went ahead and created a new Art Dolls folder. Go ahead and put original or fan art art dolls in there.

I've also had to remove a lot of extra photos for the same deviations. Please limit yourself to one photo per deviation. If you want to feature multiple angles or photos, combine them into one using Photoshop, Gimp, or your other favorite image editor.

Happy sculpting!


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